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Human Resourse Manager_C.ty Bridgestone

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Human Resourse Manager_C.ty Bridgestone
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- Have a Bachelor's degree in Human resource administrator or related fields
- A minimum 03 years’ Human resource management experience

Mô tả công việc

(Why does the position exist, WITHIN what limits and WITH what objects)
To plan, organize and direct, control variety of administrative, technical and professional work of the development and maintenance of innovative, effective and forward-looking human resource function of company focused on providing leadership to company in designing system and developing policies for organization effectiveness and teammates satisfaction, Including but not limited to compensation and benefit system, Recruitment, teammates training and development, performance development and management, general administration service’s excellence, environment management, compliance, and labor relations WITH THE OBJECTIVE to ensure that company achieve it business objectives and makes the best use of its teammates WITHIN approved budgets and allocated resources according to company/headquarters guidelines and policies.

(1) Teammates training and development
- Provide a comprehensive training and development service to company IN ORDER TO ensure that all staff achieve high professional standards and have necessary skills to help company attain its business objectives.
- KPI Weight 15%

(2) Human resource management
- Provide human resource advice and guidance on the human resource implications of business decisions to the top management of company about the personal policies, procedures and actions required to ensure that company make the best use of its employees on all matters relating to human resource function. Direct and control the development and maintenance of appropriate and effective personal policies and ensure that these are communicated and implemented throughout company in a way that supports corporate objectives IN ORDER TO enable of all departments achieve their objectives.
- KPI Weight 30%

(3) Recruitment and selection
- Direct and control the development and implementation of all necessary personnel planning, recruitment and selection procedures IN ORDER TO ensure that company has the right talent to enable it to meet its business objectives.
- KPI Weight 15%

(4) Budget
- Direct, control the preparation and maintenance of the budget to ensure budgets IN ODER TO ensure budgets are met in accordance with company’s annual business plan.
- KPI Weight 10%

(5) Pay system
- Direct, control the preparation and maintenance of the remuneration strategy and appropriate termsand condition of employment IN ORDER TO ensure that company is able to attract, retain and motivate staff.
- KPI Weight 20%

(6) Audit
- Direct, control the maintenance of an awareness of local legal recruitment in HR/GA/REC and provide legal advice to management. Oversee the development, implement and internal audit and internal control program and direct all necessary actions. IN ORDER TO ensure that company complies with all legal requirements, zero fraud and corruption.
- KPI Weight 10%

(7) Labor regulations
- Encourage and maintain employee relation by undertaking all necessary consultation and negotiation with employee representatives, providing HR/GA/REC service excellence, and by ensuring the effective communication of company policies.IN ORDER TO ensure that company is best place to work with low turnover rate.
- KPI Weight 10%

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